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Safeguarding for children

You deserve to feel safe and be safe at school and at home. This page will help you to stay safe and speak out if you are worried.

Who can keep you safe at school?

Everybody! But some of us are trained to give you even more help. We are your Designated Safeguarding Leaders:

           Miss Ro O'Reilly         Mrs. Stacy Shopland       Mrs. Emily Pillinger


Everybody at school is ready to listen if you are worried or if you don't feel safe.

We can also listen if you are worried about a friend.

We are always here to help you - please speak up if you are worried in any way.


NSPCC Pants Rule - Click here  to look again at the PANTS Rule song.

Here are the PANTS rules:

Online safety

Childline - click here for advice on staying safe online and what to do if you're worried.

Childline - click here for advice on how to feel good on social media

Mental Health support


HappyMaps - click here for support with your mental health