St Nicholas’ Chantry

St Nicholas' Chantry CofE Primary School

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We follow the Futura Curriculum, which has been developed by cross-phase groups of passionate subject specialists. The curriculum has been planned vertically and horizontally giving thought to the optimum knowledge sequence for building secure schema. Progression through the curriculum is by shared age related expectations. At each phase, the curriculum focuses on closing gaps, early intervention, and developing the core literacy and numeracy skills for success at that level.

The Futura curriculum is both ambitious and inspirational. It provides all our pupils access and entitlement to powerful knowledge, ensuring enjoyment and promoting the very best life chances.


Key to the implementation of any curriculum is consistency. Consistency provides clarity for pupils and staff. 

The Futura Fundamentals are a result of this thinking; a range of effective approaches that
provide clarity for the whole school community. The Fundamentals were developed by a number of excellent practitioners and have been implemented and refined through modelling and support from our Teaching & Learning Lead and other staff with exemplary practice in these key areas. 

Please note - some of the Fundamentals (such as behaviour & phonics) have been adapted to suit St. Nick's' context.