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In our changing world nothing changes more than geography.

Pearl S Buck

 We care for all God’s children, unconditionally. As a rural town community, the Parable of  Jesus as the Good Shepherd (John 10:11) resonates with our children who feel valued and welcomed as individuals. All members of our school family, the community and the wider world are valued and respected.

Geography Subject Overview


Our Geography curriculum is crafted with the intent to inspire a lifelong curiosity and fascination with the world around us. We aim to nurture learners who are adept in locational and place knowledge, fostering a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between human and physical processes. Through hands-on experiences, investigations, and the application of geographical skills, students are empowered to view the world from multiple perspectives, cultivating not only knowledge but a sense of responsibility and connection to the global community. Our approach ensures that students are equipped with the tools to appreciate the wonders of our world, recognize the importance of sustainable interactions, and remain lifelong learners in the dynamic field of Geography.


At St Nicks we aim for all pupils to:

  • Understand the locational context of the places they study.
  • Have an appreciation of how their local area of Clevedon compares and contrasts to other localities within the UK.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of diverse places, people, resources, and both physical and human environments.
  • Understand the interaction between human and physical processes.
  • Know where places are and have a spatial awareness of different countries using maps of the world and other sources leading to a detailed understanding of their environmental regions, physical and human characteristics, countries and cities.
  • Have hands-on experiences and investigations that bring geographical concepts to life.
  • Understand the differences between themselves and people from other countries or other backgrounds, especially differences in attitudes and values.
  • Be able to plan and undertake independent enquiry in which skills, knowledge and understanding are applied to investigate geographical questions.
  • Appreciate the wonders of our world.
  • Encourage students to remain lifelong learners in the ever-evolving field of Geography



We achieve this through:

  • Starting in the Early Years children describe their own immediate environment, make first-hand observations and begin to identify similarities and differences between places.
  • In KS1 and KS2 a curriculum which progressively builds children’s locational knowledge, place knowledge, a knowledge of human and physical processes and their geographical skills.
  • Using our local area to the maximum in order to develop children’s geographical skills.
  • A culture of enquiry and a desire to seek answers about the world around us.
  • Explicitly teaching geographical language.
  • A scaffolded approach to lessons to ensure all learners achieve
  • Ensuring all staff have strong subject knowledge and can access support where necessary




By the end of their primary school journey, students will have been immersed in a geography curriculum that cultivated a rich understanding of the world that goes beyond their immediate surroundings. They will have developed critical thinking skills that allow them to analyse, interpret, and question the world. Their locational knowledge will be broadened, and they will appreciate the interconnectedness of human and physical environments. This foundational knowledge will not only make them informed global citizens but also instill in them a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the planet. Furthermore, their exposure to diverse cultures, places, and issues will foster empathy, tolerance, and a genuine curiosity to continually learn about the world throughout their lives.