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St Nicholas Chantry School’s intent for English is that a high-quality education will inspire children to become creative and critical thinkers. We believe that it is the right of every child to become a competent and confident user of the English language; able to live, work and succeed in the literate world. Children will be able to communicate fluently and confidently, using a wide vocabulary accurately and effectively. They will be able to critique a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, appreciating a rich and varied literary heritage. Children will be inspired to become imaginative writers who can write coherently with a high level of accuracy in spelling, punctuation and grammar; children will be able to adapt their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. English provides the fundamental building blocks for students to succeed in all subjects; a high level of literacy provides the vehicle needed to unpick key concepts across the curriculum. This, alongside carefully selected texts appropriate to our contexts, develops the cultural capital needed to succeed in life. Crucially, we aim to foster a love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.

At St Nicholas Chantry we aim for pupils to:

  • Understand and be able to confidently use the mechanics of writing
  • Read fluently, accurately and for meaning
  • Be able to critically analyse different text types
  • Make links and connections between and across texts
  • Confidently adapt writing for different audiences and purposes


We achieve this through:

  • Daily phonics teaching delivered with fidelity
  • Fostering a confident application of the mechanics of reading through phonic decoding and sight word recognition
  • Developing a whole school love of reading
  • Offering a diverse range of texts to expose pupils to various writing styles and cultures
  • Guiding pupils to confidently adapt their writing styles for various audiences and purposes
  • Explicit teaching of comprehension strategies
  • Developing critical analysis skills
  • Encouraging pupils to make connections and draw inferences between texts to deepen their understanding
  • Structured lesson plans and progressive learning objectives
  • By integrating reading, writing, listening and speaking activities into each lesson
  • Exposing pupils to a range of engaging and age appropriate literature
  • Encouraging active participation in class discussions and group activities
  • Providing opportunities for creative writing and expression
  • Encouraging parental involvement and regular reading at home
  • Cultivating articulate communicators by providing opportunities for public speaking, presentations and debates


Our English curriculum, at St Nicholas Chantry school has a profound impact on young learners, fostering vital language skills, nurturing a love for literature and building a strong foundation for lifelong communication and comprehension.  It equips pupils with the tools necessary to express themselves effectively, understand diverse perspectives and engage with the world through the power of language.  Our English curriculum empowers future generations to become confident, articulate and critical thinkers, ensuring their success in academics and beyond.

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