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We care for all God’s children, unconditionally. As a rural town community, the Parable of  Jesus as the Good Shepherd (John 10:11) resonates with our children who feel valued and welcomed as individuals. All members of our school family, the community and the wider world are valued and respected.

Long Term Planning 2023 - 2024




Our intent for Computing is that an exciting and rigorous Computing education will ensure children are immersed in engaging, technology-rich learning experiences which allow them to learn deeply and embed core computing skills, think independently and problem solve in an ever-evolving digital world. Regardless of changes within technology and the world we live in, our children will possess the core skills and behaviours required to safely and confidently access new technology to enhance their wider learning, access the curriculum throughout their school journey and inspire a future where technology is used to innovate and make positive change.
We believe that learning about Computing provides an important context for the development of pupils’ key learning skills, particularly problem-solving, creative and critical thinking and resourcefulness.
We recognise that social context plays a vital role in children’s education and as such we aim to provide opportunities for children to experience Computing in ways that are unique to our local and wider community

St. Nick's aim:



Underpinning the intent are key concepts and the National Curriculum Computing statements for Key stages 1 and 2 (see blue bullet points in the coverage sections, below). These are further refined with key substantive and disciplinary concepts:




To meet the aim of delivering this comprehensive set of substantive and disciplinary concepts, the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) “Teach
Computing” curriculum is followed. These resources and foci are be adapted to suit the school and cohort as well as to match our available software and hardware. 

Complementary teaching and learning activities are used from Childnet's Smartie the Penguin, Digi Duck and Project Evolve are used to enhance online safety knowledge, skills and understanding.

Intended Impact



Our computing curriculum will ensure pupils are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge essential to use technology to learn, communicate and operate safely, effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing technological climate.